Group classes designed to teach you and your dog some new skills and have more fun together. 

Group Classes

All classes run for 6 weeks and costs $175 each.

Puppy Obedience

For puppies less than 20 weeks on the first day of class. foundation obedience skills and puppy manners. walking politely on a leash, come when called, 4 on the floor, greeting people politely, crate training, learning to settle, potty training, appropriate play and more.

Beginning Obedience

For puppies and dogs older than 20 weeks on the first day of class. Sit, down, stay, settle, walking politely on a leash, come when called, 4 on the floor, greeting politely and more.

Advanced Obedience

*After completion of either beginner class. Adding the distraction and duration to skills so they are consistently performed in new environments. 


Confidence course: any age, must be dog and people friendly. This is for dogs/puppies that want to try something new on different surfaces and obstacles. Things that wiggle, surfaces off of the ground, different textures under their feet… It challenges their brain and their body.

Agility I

Dogs must be dog and people friendly. minimum of 1 year old. This is a calm and controlled introduction to agility obstacles. All dogs are on leash for this course. it is for developing safe skills, muscle memory and building more confidence. 

Agility II

Dogs must be competent with supervision on 30″ high dog walk, half height A-frame, tunnel with a slight curve, table, 3 cavalettis in an arch and straight line, tire, going around an object in a clockwise and counterclockwise direction. Introduction of 2 by 2 weave poles and a teeter. This course is off leash. The dog must have a reliable recall.

Agility III

Dogs competent in Level 2 equipment off leash, able to do the weaves with or without supervision, able to do 12 weaves and teeter with  or without supervision. This course is off leash. The dogs must have a reliable recall.

Rally Obedience I

Novice American Kennel Club signs introduced. Rally is a series of numbered signs with a behavior to be performed at each station. This course is all on leash.Puppy or dog must have a reliable 3 foot stay on leash and consistent loose leash walking. Treats are used frequently while learning. You and your dog will be able to perform a 12 station course by the end of the session.

Rally Obedience II

This course can be done on or off leash. only one dog is on a course at a time. Handler must understand AKC novice signs and be able to perform them. This will be the introduction of intermediate signs and behaviors. The handler and dog will be able to complete a 15 station course with a mixture of novice and intermediate signs by the last class.

Tricks I

Your dog will be taught 10 AKC Novice tricks of your choice. Any breed or mixed breed will earn a certificate upon completion of the 10 behaviors. 5 intermediate tricks will be introduced.

Tricks II

Your dog will be taught 10 AKC Intermediate tricks of your choice. Upon completion you and your dog will receive a certificate. Any breed or mixed breed is encouraged to participate. 

Canine Good Citizen

All 10 criteria for the AKC CGC will be taught. Testing will be on the 6th week. All dogs that are dog, any age, and people friendly are eligible for this class/

Therapy Dog Prep

We will cover all testing criteria for Therapy Dogs International and Alliance Therapy Dogs. Your dog should be consistent in a sit, stay, walking politely on a leash, and friendly/polite with all people in a public setting. 

Beginner Scent

Any age puppy or dog is eligible as long as they are dog and people friendly. Class size is limited to 6. This is the introduction of “birch” as the first search scent. Think of it as a hide and seek for your dog’s nose. We have had puppies as young as 10 weeks on the first day of class successfully complete this course and have a ball. The senior dog is all very successful because it isn’t physically challenging. It challenges the brain.

Scent II, III & IV

Require the approval of the instructor teaching the class. 

Have a Question?

If you’re not sure what class is right for you, feel free to contact us and we’ll help you make the best choice for you and your dog. 

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